Doctor Testimonials

I appreciate being able to prescribe a product that has no side effects. I will not have to worry about giving sleeping pills to people and worrying about the side effects of medication.

– David Abend; D.O., Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

When I first tried the water pillow, I was able to sleep through the night and I woke up without having any stiffness in my neck.

– Dr. Beverly Roberts, Chiropractor

I’ve used the pillow. I do not have neck pain and I love the pillow. I slept much better. In fact, I have back pain and my back pain has been significantly improved by using the pillow.

– David Neumeyer, MD, Sleep specialist

I think it has advantages in the standard pillow that we use. It is something that almost flows with the patient’s positioning during the night.

– David Westerman, M.D., Sleep Specialist

So many people have spent good money, hard-earned money, on pillows that haven’t really succeeded for them, and I don’t think I’ve had any patient who bought the pillow come back and say “I’m just not interested”.

– Dr Gregory Cook, Chiropractor

In my opinion, this pillow can make a significant difference in peoples’ quality of sleep.

– David Neumeyer, MD, Sleep Specialist

Patient Testimonials

I had been sleeping with a cervical collar for months – it helped but was very uncomfortable. I have cervical spondylitis with radiculopathy. Ii got my Chiroflow pillow and gave it a try with no neck collar. Hurray! I love it! I know this won’t cure my problem, but now I can sleep a lot more comfortably

– Lisa Querido, Massachusetts

I have so many pillows, but this one is a miracle! I have fibro and it is so hard to sleep- I wake up with back, neck and head pain this pillow has allowed me to rest comfortably with no pain when I wake up. Wonderful product.

– Starla Renee, North Carolina

I have now been diagnosed with degeneration in my neck and have had major pain for over a month…. Sleeping on this pillow has given me relief in the morning. I’m so appreciative of the relief and LOVING the pillow so far for sure! Great purchase!

– Renae Pattsem, New Jersey